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Maha Ashram is a small redoubt of India hidden in the heart of the Apa Pau ecological reserve in Buzios. The proposal of this mysterious and recondite refuge in the Praia das Caravelas aims to bring and spread; practices and millennial knowledge to people who seek to expand consciousness and achieve a physical and mental balance. From the premises of healthy feeling, well-being and a permanent spirit of peace is that Prema and Abhiseik replicate the teachings of the enlightened Hindu master Atma Nambi.

From the beginning of 2016 - year in which it was inaugurated by Atma Nambi, Master Janis Roze, Hudrik, Luciana, Prema and Abhishek - The Maha Ashram community practices and encourages a meditative life. With the intention of providing a practical and theoretical support within a spiritual framework the Maha Ashram Buzios opens its doors for those people who wish to live the experience of the community through different therapies, healthy eating, active and passive meditations and different Yoga styles such as; Ashtanga, Hatha and Restorative Yoga.

Maha Ashram Búzios joins the Búzios Espiritualidade & Natureza with a strong determination to fortify and diversify this magical spiritual enclave on Praia das Caravelas; offering a different and complementary alternative to the program. This is why those who visit the Ashram are invited to participate in the daily activities of the program; which take place at the Oratory near the hotel, as well in the Crystal Coreto on the beach. We invite you to consult our daily activities.

The Ashram staff offers courses and retreats with different lengths of time (3, 10 and 21 days) for all those who decide to take a break from the city life and enter an unknown dimension of introspection of their BEING. We invite you to consult the activities in private. It´s important to mention that Master Atma Ji (Atma Nambi) comes to Brazil once a year to celebrate his Satsang in several cities of the countries, and the Maha Ashram Búzios has the honor and pleasure to organize this 21-day retreat.


An Ashram is also a spiritual community, where people share the same feeling of inner search. In an Ashram, guests - whether volunteers or passengers paying for their accommodation - participate in Seva.


Voluntary service without expectations of reward or recognition.


First and foremost because it´s an invitation to start a trip to oneself. There are times in modern life where we get lost, stressed out, or we can´t find a meaning for life. These are moments where we need special care to rediscover ourselves, to heal us or to take action to achieve a better quality of life. A stay in the Ashram is a unique opportunity to begin to experience this path.


Located in the heart of the jungle, approximately 100 mts. from Praia das Caravelas. It is a spacious place with a cozy living room and a deck overlooking the greenery. Favorable to enter into a contemplative state of silence.


The lodging is simple and stylish, divided in common rooms by gender. The rooms are equipped with bunk modules of 3 single beds, internal shared bathrooms, mini-fridge and ceiling fans. They can accommodate up to 12 people per room. It provides bed linen: pillow, sheets, blanket and towel.

The guest who stay in Maha Ashram have access to all activities of the Búzios Espiritualidade Resort Caravelas (Yoga, guided walks through the jungle leading to other nearby beaches, meditations in the Oratory, Tai Chi Chuan) and the activities of Maha Ashram (meditations, visits to Espaço Santo Antônio and the organic vegetable garden). A few meters away you can also enjoy a meditative experience walking through the Labyrinth of David.


  • Yoga Mat
  • Shawl for meditation
  • Composition book and pencil
  • Flashlight
  • Swimsuit
  • Comfortable clothes
  • Comfortable tennis shoes
  • Umbrella
  • Mosquito repellent


  1. Union – Use it, wash it. If you grab something, give it back. That goes for your glass, your plate, your bed and everything else. The union makes force!
  2. Proactivity - Participate in the program and the activities. Get to know people.
  3. Punctuality - Be punctual and try to stay for the duration of the activities. In case you need to leave, please let us know!
  4. Are prohibited: Cigarettes, drugs, alcohol and pets.
  5. Cellular use is limited to non-class and events time.
  6. The quiet time is between 22:30 and 06:30.
  7. It is forbidden to wear shoes inside the temple.
  8. The kitchen is for Maha Ashram's exclusive use and can´t be used by guests. We have vegetarian and vegan cuisine.