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All activities aimed at connecting with nature itself and around us, recognizing that we are one with the universe and the earth. They aim healing, harmony and peaceful state in each of us.

Included Activities


- Yoga class
- Guided walks through the forest to paradisiacal beaches

Afternoon / Evening:
- Meditation in the Oratorio
- Meditation Center.

- Meditation throught the David's Labyrinth
- Meditation on the Sinetic Pyramid
- Walk to the Stone of Deva
- Visit to the vegetable garden of Espaço Santo Antônio
- Visit to Maha Ashram Búzios

They are jungle excursions led by a local guide, some of which lead to various other beaches in internal gaps

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The labyrinth, a rite that fosters meditation. The circle is a symbol of unity and wholeness; the spiral transformation

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A walk with a local guide to a big rock on the beach Caravelas. Energy epicenter of the spirit / guardian of nature

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Meditation is the practice of focusing attention on a thought, external object or consciousness itself

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It is a practice that seeks union with the absolute using the physical body as a vehicle. It increases energy and system defenses

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Made with the golden ratio, sit inside the pyramid of Buzios Spirituality to meditate is a unique experience

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Additional activities

An invitation to relaxation, favoring a state of inner balance and peace. Surrounded by an appropriate environment for the welfare

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These are multi-day group events that invite you to an in-depth study of spiritual issues and to work within yourself

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