The Mata Atlantica Buzios (IEBMA), Ecological Institute headquartered is located in Praia das Caravelas reserve. It is an institution created in 1995 by Hudryk, Janis Roze, Amanda Carlo Bernal and others; with a view to preserving the environment and ensure the future of Buzios is green. In the search for conservation in the outside, they discover that the same effort must be made inside themselves, so spiritually enriched. They found many allies in this and other dimensional planes. Light beings, masters, devas and many others who transform them and give an insight of what you want to accomplish in this place.

They accomplish this area is classified as Environmental Protected Area Pau Brasil (Pau Brasil is a tree species found in the area), have a training and development center for projects of restoration and preservation of plant and animal species in the area as well as promoting ecotourism site.

IEBMA led species recovery programs, such as oiled penguins, monkeys, wild birds, etc; and it has been in the local and national media in Brazil.

The IEMA incorporates ecological research of the Atlantic Forest, activities and programs to facilitate the expansion of consciousness, individual growth, improved quality of life, balance and health, socio-cultural transformation and promotion of internal-external tourism.

The ISMA is an organization for the comprehensive study of the relationship between man and environment, which seeks to promote and participate in activities aimed at the preservation and protection of fauna, flora and ecosystems and research relating to restoration.

Has a place for conferences and exhibitions, pioneers in the technique of environmental education, a way of teaching about nature, ecology, law and many other issues, while visitors can take a pleasant walk with expert guides and you can enjoy all the local beauty of security and respect for these ecosystems.

Since 1998 IEBMA headquartered in Buzios produced with Roby Massarotto address, Janis Roze documentaries and various world figures (Be Human, The Serpents, Gentic Rivers) and TV series (human being and sense of human being) they have seen thousands of people around the world by Directv, Infinity, Canal 13 Argentina, Rai SBT Brazil and Italy, among others. Now available in Búzios Espiritualidade Films for free.

IEBMA is a member of the Council of Parque Estadual da Costa do Sol and Apa do Pau-Brasil, as well as a member of different centers for the evolution of consciousness, Yoga and protection of the Environment.

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