Safety Measures Implemented for Prevent Covid-19

Our entire hotel has been adapted to the new measures for this very special moment, and our team has been trained so that you can enjoy our special corner with safety and comfort!

- Information regarding accommodation is being made in digital form.

- Express check In: Our guests will be able to fill in all data and send documents before arrival, making their reception faster and more efficient, avoiding crowds.

- At the reception, a glass protection plate and an alcohol gel totem were installed.

- The temperature measurement of the guests will be made with an Infrared Laser Digital Thermometer, as well as that of all collaborators.

- We are giving preference to serving people from the risk group (elderly, hypertensive, diabetic and pregnant women).

- Guests and clients must wear protective masks in the common areas of the hotel.

- We provide one fabric mask per person at check in as a gift. We also offer for purchase at the Hotel.

- We offer 70% alcohol in strategic locations such as: entrance, service desks, restaurant, swimming pool, activity spaces for use by customers and collaborators.

- The bathrooms are equipped with liquid soap, disposable paper towels and gel alcohol, as well as trash cans with hands-free operation.

- In all spaces, social distance measures of 1.5m are being implemented, as well as signs in strips on the floor and signs with guidelines.

- Coffee and dinner service will be served in the main restaurant. The tables will have a distance of 1.5 between the customers and they will be set up upon the arrival of the guest.

- At dinner we will have some individually packed meal options, in case the guest wants to take their meal to the apartment. The same can request and come and collect it at the restaurant.

- Well-maintained environments, prioritizing ventilation of rooms and common spaces and regular cleaning of air filters.

- It will be possible to perform activities such as yoga, walks and meditations only with prior registration, as these spaces are being limited, always respecting safety and hygiene measures.

- Use of personal protective equipment, PPE in accordance with the corresponding sector (masks / gloves / face shield / aprons / boots / hat / glasses).

- Restructuring of cleaning in accordance with biosafety protocols, using General Purpose Disinfectants, 0.5% Sodium Hypochlorite, Hydrogen Peroxide, Ammonium Quartenaries.

- We have an isolation area for possible cases of guests with suspected covid 19 and a protocol of procedures in accordance with the Seal of Tourism and Accommodation Facilities.