Janis Roze

Dr. Janis Roze, was born in Latvia European country located on the shores of the Baltic, whose inhabitants are considered people with spiritual concerns. There he lived with his parents and brother in an atmosphere of closeness and protection. Because of the war he had to leave their scented forests and springs that accompanied his childhood with its crystalline waters and at sixteen World War took him to Germany. In exile he found himself alone and deprived of the most basic, dodging bombs and concentration camps..

During the war, in the camp, he began to tell stories to their fellow, soldiers, stories that entertained hopes of the existence of a much more extensive reality than his eyes could see and summoned the courage that comes when we appreciate the wonderful gift of life.

Janis Roze is a biologist, and his love of life express the consistency and fidelity to it, that his live expresses.

Researcher, defender of the planet, showing an attitude of reverence respect to each being, person, plant, insect. And it is his sovereign and inclusive humility that outlines this maturity to which many aspire as self-expression of human greatness.

Dr. Janis Roze, globally recognized figure required as a counselor and lecturer in international conferences and events.

Author of four books about development and human evolution. Originator of the idea and author of the screenplays for a series of videos on the evolution, the human being, the expansion of consciousness. (Be Human, The Serpents, Gentic Rivers) and TV series.

He has conducted research in the five continents and has visited all the countries of Central and South America.

Fulbright Senior Scholar, Professor of Biology at the City University of New York, Researcher at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, director of the “Center of Science and Technology for Development” of the United Nations, Co-Director of the “Program Educational exchange UASD-CCNY. ”

In Argentina, it is a founding member and director of the Elpis Foundation and the Institute for the Integral Development of Jujuy.

Cofounder of the Environmental Protection Area (APRA) and the Ecological Institute Buzios Atlantic Forest in Brazil.

National Award for Scientific Research in Venezuela and the Gold Medal of Merit of the Central University of Venezuela, where he taught and formed in Biology.

Holds conferences, seminars and courses at various universities and institutions in USA, Germany, Brazil, Venezuela, Argentina, Colombia, among others, as well as coordinating spiritual journeys through several countries.