Buzios is a small fishing village with an important tourist potential. For its natural beauty has been chosen as one of the most beautiful places on earth. Tourists from all over the world visit in search of peace, harmony and contact with nature

Many popular sites are used to over time by successive civilizations due to its beauty and strong frequency vibration. Indigenous people who inhabited this area are Tamoios and Goitacas, fishermen and hunters who used to dance and do ceremonies on the beaches.

This beach has a portal or vortex point between the subtle dimensions of their spirituality and nature is expressed through their Being, Deva and / or Angel and / or protective guardian of the place, creating a new communication for the future is now.

On several occasions have been observed the appearance of UFOs.

Surrounded by original and indigenous nature reserve (APA), which in turn is inside the Sol Park, is found very peculiar flora and fauna. You can see a tree that is almost extinct called “Pau Brazil”, lion monkeys, different birds, butterflies of different colors and a special blue color appears when Deva is believed that welcomes visitors.

Buzios, spirituality and nature is an invitation to open and perceive with all senses the beauty and power of this place, where land, water and air meet. In the tradition of the Hoppi Indians, it is a condition to invoke the magic of life.

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