About Us

“We are a group of people who love nature and the mystery of life and we want to present a new spiritual-human, transpersonal and cosmic platform. A portal of the New Consciousness for the evolution of humans.

We offer a holistic program aimed at healing the individual and the planet by applying the principle: healthy body / healthy mind and vice versa

Through various individual and group activities opens a transformation process, facilitating the connection with the inner self, etheric and cosmic touched by this energetic place. It is an invitation to connect with the sacred around us and within ourselves.”


Is committed to be the guardian of the place and co-founder of the Environmental Protection Area (APA) in Caravelas Beach.

Janis Roze

Janis Roze is a biologist, and his love of life is expressed in the integrity and loyalty to it, that his living express.

Luciana Videla

Degree in Psychology, specializing in the Gestalt approach and a member of the Buenos Aires Gestalic Association.

Amanda Bernal

Co-founder of the Environmental Protection Area (APA) and Instituto Ecológico Búzios Mata Atlântica (IEBMA).

Lidia Mudarep

Advisory Board

President of the ICF Chapter Argentina, 2014. Master Coach (MCC) of the International Coach Federation. Coach Mentor in the registry coach mentors.

Adela Lalin

Advisory Board

Gestalt and Transpersonal Psychologist . A founding member of AGBA and Coordinator of the “Department of Children, Adolescents and Family”.

Maria R. Normandin

Advisory Board

His career is a constant evolution path in scientific therapeutic training is combined with the esoteric knowledge of the spirit